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Identification sans contact, RFID, NFC, Géo Localisation, ... Réseaux Automobile CAN, LIN, FlexRay, TPMS ....Télévision & Imagerie Numérique

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Dominique PARET, fondateur de « dp-Consulting  »


 Graduated Electronic Eng. Bréguet / ESIEE + DEA Sciences Paris VI – University, Dominique PARET started his carrier in 1968 as TV Group Leader Consumer Application Labs – in RTC–Compelec (several patents in analogue and digital fields). Before creating « dp-Consulting – Consultant & Formation » in May 2006 he spent forty years with NXP / Philips Semiconductors France as Technical Support Mgr in “Innovation and Emerging Business” Division.


Recently he was dealing mainly on two leading edge subjects, 


 - New concepts for Automotive such as CAN, LIN, Very high speed bus, Real Time Triggered concepts – FlexRay, Safe by Wire, SBC, FailSafe SBC systems, Autosar, Car Ethernet networks, etc.


- Identification including RFID - RadioFrequency Identification - (from 125 kHz up to 5,8 GHz, UWB), Contact &  Contactless Smart Cards, e_Government applications (e_Passport,   e_Visas, e_ID cards, etc.), NFC (Near Field Communications), Mobile RFID, Biometrics, Indoor & Outdoor Géo-Localization, Cryptographic systems, etc.


An second important role of Dominique is to be official National Representative Delegate in all standardization organizations such as French National Body “AFNOR”, International “ISO” Working Groups SC 17, SC 31, ECMA, etc. for Contactless Smart Cards and RF IDentification (proximity ISO 14 443, vicinity 15 693, NFC, RFID 18 000 – x, EPC, Biometrics, ICAO, etc.) and other Consortiums for Automotive such as LIN, CAN, FlexRay, TPM systems, etc. and also acting as one of Contactless / RFID Technical Experts in OSEO and COFRAC (Comité Français d’Accréditation) in accordance with ISO 17 025.




- he is also teaching industrial LAN, RFID, Smart Cards and digital TV techniques and technologies as “Senior Lecturer” in several Electronic Engineers High Schools in France (ESIEE, ESEO, ESISAR, ENSEA, ISEN, ENSMSE, ESTACA, ECE, ESIGETEL, ESAIP,…) and times to times in F’Satie Pretoria University - South Africa and INPT & ENSIAS in Rabat - Morocco !


- he also wrote many technical books (~20) on I2C, CAN, LIN, FlexRay protocols, Embedded Networks, RFID in LF, HF, UHF & SHF, NFC, Color Display Resolution, etc. in French, English, Spanish, Korean & Russian (respectively Dunod, John Wiley, Paraninfo, Publishers). Indoor Geo Localization is already in preparation …


Last interesting, important and additional points to be notified,


- Dominique PARET is an active member of EESTEL, Association des Experts Européens en Systèmes de Transactions ELectroniques


- Mid 2007, Dominique PARET, was also FILRFID co-foundating – French « Fédération des Industriels et Editeurs de Logiciels pour RFID ». Its main mission and task in FILRFID is to establish all relations needed between Industries, Universities, Engineers High Schools, Professional Academies, Industrial and National Research Laboratories, National Research Agency / ANR, etc. and all French Government Departments (« Ministère de l’Enseignement et de la Recherche » et « Ministère de l’Industrie / DGCIS», « Ministère des Transports ») in order to help, assist, promote deployment and industrial notoriety of contactless activities.

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