That is super important. Water poly is thinner than oil based so you are feeling the roughness more and this is also another reason you want at least 3 coats. A much easier and safer option is to do a darker color. Water Based Wood Stain Water Based Paints, Pearl Effects & Glazes. I know this is strictly an opinion question, so bare with me. Terry – No, you don’t. I will ask my contractor which products he used. LOL. I would strongly recommend Bona Traffic HD (see this blog post: Thanks again! That will lighten and ruin your stain. Combined, this innovative formula creates rich one coat coverage, which dries in one hour. Floor guys did gray stain mixed white gray and black … stain on bullnose stairs look like paint instead of stain how can we fix before applying poly? I would never do it for any of my customers on cherry unless they signed a waiver of some sort. I would like a medium grey with warm brown added….so warm grey I always love your informative articles Debbie. We find this material works best with walnut stains, or darker stain colours since there is so much warmth in the wood. Thanks! On red oak, you’ll probably want to do a mid to darker gray to hide the red undertones. I’ll try to ask my guy what he uses, but I think it’s just regular bleach. And, yes, I know it’s so annoying that Bona doesn’t have their white stain on Amazon. If you don’t like to spend a lot of time on touch ups, and instead prefer a floor with less maintenance, then use Bona Traffic HD (note: Bona Traffic is also environmentally friendly). Choose what you like regardless. We would know what the results of Brazilian hardwood floors stained to grey would look like. We don’t want to go back to a brown because we’re trying to update and we just painted our oak cabinets. Not sure how long to wait before using them? I would mix duraseal ebony + Bona white until you get the right ratio for the color you like. Lisa – Oh excellent. I wasn’t talking about mixing them. Claire – You can certainly try it with medium brown. These may give you indications as to the species of wood you have. Cherry is a beautiful hardwood that has lots of natural red undertones tones to it. My floor guy mix duraseal ebony and country white 50/50. The bottom is the Ash Gray. I wanted to stain them gray, and after the flooring guy did a few samples on my floor, I chose Bona Dri Fast stain in Grey. You can see all my recos on my Amazon Influencer page. These are shown on white oak. We want to do a lighter gray floor. We have never done gray on brazilian walnut. i used the bona grey since it works well with the bona traffic hd . You may also need to use a conditioner (test it) so it absorbs more evenly. If he can’t mix, try dark walnut, antique brown and coffee brown. Joe – Oh good, I’m so glad to hear that. Liz – I understand your concern with the bleach. For the poly, that is easy. I just found your other page where you put a link to the DuraSeal. 6. Bona traffic HD has some UV protection in it, so it will help a bit, but still you can’t stop the natural process. Eric – This would not be my inclination. We currently have MInwax Dark Walnut on our floors. How would you go about bleaching the floors? Also when he puts the poly finish layer on it seems darker. I am installing brand new hardwood flooring and don’t know where to go to buy it. I have a few questions in the overall process: 1. The higher number is white and the lower number is ebony. They will come back tomorrow and put on a 3rd and 4th I believe. But, it is much more challenging to sand and stain, and it’s blotchy. Marte – Thank you so much. Dani – My guy just uses “white.” I have a hunch they’ve introduced some variations now, so you can give those a try. I was asking what tool do you use to apply the stain and poly? The right oak is on top and the white oak on the bottom. And, you may not love the other options (based on your comment). I am having a white oak piece of furniture made., Also what about the Bona white stain? I used two coats to really enhance the… What Minwax stains would you mix to achieve this? Should I just replace my red oak with select white oak? I’m sure durability would be better but seems fine. If you have pets that may get the floors wet (from going in/out when it rains, water dishes or accidents), you may want to avoid this option. I have a rather large area to cover which will take several quantities of ebony and white to cover (i.e gallons, or whatever). Matt – That is not something I would recommend as it is very red and you will probably have red/pink coming through. If you are using above brands/shades, I’d recommend going darker and using more ebony and/or mixing in Duraseal True Black. Please note that these are products I know/use and recommend to my customers. Keep mixing the ratios (my guy usually starts darker and then keeps adding in more white). I’m not sure what you’re asking with the browns. I would probably get it in satin (or else potentially matte). I have red oak floors? You can read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page. Ultimate Oil-Based Interior Wood Stain In Carbon Grey, 946 Ml Varathane Ultimate Wood Stain is a premium, high performance stain system enhanced with Nano pigments and soy oil base for exceptional colour clarity. But, it will darken over time due to the sunlight (and artificial light). i used the bona grey since it works well with the bona traffic hd . Interesting. Always test stain on a hidden area of the wood to verify desired color. Any recommendations?? And, of course it costs more. Have you ever done a 50/50 ebony and country white on red oak? You should do 3 coats of poly. At NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU, I will earn a small commission, if you purchase them. I keep seeing that in tips on some articles.) They are actually the same product! See this article:, thank you very much No wood conditioner or pre-stain … 3. It has a straight, tight grain that is quite textured. Since this wood is very light in nature, it takes any of our stain colours very well! Thoughts? (More white vs ebony..e.g. It’s perfect if you’re staining your floors gray, or white, or just going for a natural super clean look. See if you can find a darker gray that you like and then you can avoid the bleach all together. oh and he’s using LastnLast water poly. 3:1 ratio of ebony to white) and then keep adding ebony and brown to get the right mix. We have found duraseal ebony and bona white works best. Talk to your flooring guy. Are you using Duraseal ebony and Bona White? Test the stains carefully (before applying). Do I buff or anything before applying the poly? Internet #: 206386411. I’ve finally fished..came out great. I have a quick question…Do you use BONA DriFast Naturals for the White and for the Ebony is it DuraSeal QuickCoat or Penetrating Finish? If you can’t do that, then do a darker gray or ditch the gray and go for a traditional gray. Do you have any specific recommendations of the darker gray colors to try? They have sanded and stained one day, and now have put on 2 coats of water based poly. For the stain, this is trickier, and you’re going to need to mix and experiment until you get the color you prefer. i want to thank you for your blog . You’ll have to look at that to make sure. 56. And, so glad it’s turned out so well. Some people do both. (Is there any truth to fruitwood? You can see images of White Oak in both of those finish options on our "Hampton" Dining Table. hope you guys enjoy this video. The much bigger challenge was finding and experimenting to find the right color combo for this decorator. I have learned so much about flooring with all the information on your blog. DOWNLOAD YOUR FLOOR TIMELINE HERE! My contractor wants to mux duraseal classic gray and country white. That hasn’t been a concern for my guys. And, since this is more expensive than your typical refinishing job, you might as well make it last longer so you can postpone the need to refinish your floors again. The floors turned out better then i anticipated. You may want to look around for a contractor who is more confident in this arena and has more experience with grays and mixes. And, if you’re looking for this particular floor (which is pre-finished) – Shaw Castlewood Hearth, you can buy it here. Apply first coat of poly. This is the only product we use with gray or white washed floors. Every place I ask says its not from China or they say it is but that the regulations have changed and it’s safe. I’m not familiar with them, but I’m guessing based on the colors that these are water based stains and they are much more challenging (and expensive) to apply and often come out streaky. When I bought and installed the floors they were pre-finished with an espresso brown color. 95 No, I don’t have any pictures. What’s the difference? Please help as I need to stain in a few days. dark walnut or special walnut and test until you have the right mix. Apply one coat of stain. Minwax is for do-it-yourselfers; professionals use Duraseal. Liz – Excellent. Can you stain Brazilian cherry grey? I’m having my brand new red oak floor stain in a few days. HI Flooring Girl, I so glad to stumble on your blog. You can view our "Athens" Storage Bed Frame to see images of this material with our Special Walnut stain. Your guy will have to be patient. The other issue you may be having is the ingredients being used. My advice to you is stay away from those. Note: if they are different species, they will never match. I don’t know your definition of “dark gray.” That being said, you want to reverse your ratios…so it would be 7 parts WHITE to 1 part EBONY. I asked my contractor for a sample of bona white and duraseal ebony. But, it depends how light you want to go. Debbie I would expect Lastnlast to amberize more and more over time. This high-performance stain features nano pigments, which intensify color clarity and highlight wood … This Classic Gray stain creates the perfect weathered look without over-saturating with too much gray. $14.46 Oak (Carbon Grey … Hi i have a white oak floor and want to stain it gray. I really appreciate your input! Nick – Personally, I would do 3. We are about ready to stain after a lot of floor-color deliberation (through a first floor reno). Any thoughts? They also seem to be able to sand 1000sf a day (and from there, it’s all about stain application and coats of poly and drying time. I’m looking to do 3 coats of the Bona HD water based poly. (Note: some people love this, others don’t). Thanks! It sounds like the application of it may be the issue. Sand 80/100 grit Western Maple is a great choice if you're looking for something durable with a beautiful grain pattern. We are going to waterpop it. Subscriber Exclusive Offer Privacy Policy. I am in the process of refinishing and staining my Brazilian walnut floors. Yes, gray! I would use a combo of ebony and a white was and test it. Do I do a light sand on the stain before my first coat of poly? No, you generally do not and shouldn’t add stain to the poly. But, if it doesn’t look right, they may need to sand those again. We can however add a tint to the furniture if you would like a more even finsih. I decided I wanted grey floors without realizing that it would be a challenge. It’s an up and coming trend. Which are the best brands of polyurethane, Recommended cleaning products and accessories to maintain floors and reduce scratches,,,,,, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Policy. For the gray part, I would use Duraseal Ebony + Bona White (neither Minwax nor Duraseal are good for whites…they are too watery…and their premixed grays are also too watery. I keep checking for it every couple of months. It looks like you found a water based stain and those are very challenging to use, especially for novices, anyway. This could look different as the species may be different. After he sanded and stained and did one top coat, the color is all over the place with grays, yellows and browns (based on the variations in the wood). Yes, I seem be getting a lot of questions about this, and it seems that the common thread is that many have used Mixwax or Duraseal Classic Gray. Should they have this roughness? Unlike polyurethane, the oils penetrate into the wood. But, I would not expect this to work out well on Cherry…you are between a rock and a hard place. Thanks for your help. We would also like a matte finish instead of glossy. We’re planning to get rid of the living room carpet next Spring and I would love to go with grey – but I’m not sure it would look good with birch doors and window trim. Check out the info and video on this page. The wood types we chose also are vastly different, ranging from extremely soft (birch) to hard (red oak) with undertones all over the map. I’m down to do another coat but it seems fine and I hate to have to buy another $130 gallon when I would only need half of it. I hope that helps. We’ll definitely try dark walnut, but curious if you prefer coffee brown to medium brown for red oak to lessen the red? In water based, the finishes are a bit duller, so satin in water looks like matte in oil, and matte looks super matte. Good news is this is the easy part. Then buff, then 2nd coat Bona Traffic. Usually dark walnut works best, but sometimes coffee brown works better pending on the tone. Thank you I was leaning towards it. There’s a good chance you won’t be happy with the outcome, even if you’re happy with the sample. If the wood is unfinished it would probably be from the US. They will generally use a stand item (could even be a measuring cup) and fill it up 5 times for white and 1 time for ebony (or whatever the ratio is). It is a bit of an art. These products are still rather niche, but they are growing in popularity for their natural and unique look, as well as low VOCs and importantly the ability to spot treat scratches and mishaps. It should not take that long. These 2 colors make gray…and then it’s just about how dark (or light) the gray is. Eastern Pine will come with lots of knots in the wood, so if you prefer a knot-free option you may consider upgrading to Oak, Maple, Cherry or Black Walnut. Your blog was a lot of help Note: this is not healthy for the wood and also may not work well with American cherry…it may in fact have a reaction. Just brush it on and let it set for about 20 minutes, then you can apply the stain of your choice. I would guess you can order through Bona (or else ask them where you can buy…they may have a store locator). If you use too much, you will ruin your floors. It’s the top coat that will give it the final sheen. This material does come with some knots in the wood that we fill, however this will also make it the most cost effective hardwood option. These new stains are more charming, more contemporary and have more pigment than the gray, whitewash and weathered oak stains. How do you achieve the gray effect? Re: the white, we typically use Bona White, but the truth is you could use a minwax or duraseal white such as country white or something similar. If you are getting prefinished oak and it’s solid, chances are it’s from the US (as that’s where it’s grown and it wouldn’t make much sense to get from China. Minwax. Silvery gray. Because these woods are closed pored, they absorb the stains differently and some of the darker brown stains turn gray on maple and birch (see picture to the right). Lisa – I would advise against this. see this article on why duraseal over minwax and where to get it: Or you do it without the bleach, but then have a lot of pink showing through. Happy holidays! I would guess that it would be slightly easier on American Walnut than Brazilian walnut, but that is simply speculation. Model #710980000. Thanks for your instructions. I have not seen True Black on American Cherry, so not sure how it would come out. I mixed ebony and white…and no matter what i do all the samples have a blue tint. Debbie, I should also mention that in a couple of the rooms, we put a one inch inlay of walnut as part of the floor border (otherwise all oak). Note I would recommend using Pre-Stain wood conditioner before staining any Poplar wood. We have mixed in special walnut, antique brown and dark walnut. What do you recommend to eliminate the yellow? We did a gray mix on around 3000 sf and didn’t have an issue (as well as others that were 1000-2000 sf. I would wait at least 8 hrs before walking on floor (w/ socks), but 24 hrs is even better. Coffee brown or dark walnut mixed with one of your light gray ratios (dura ebony and bona white)? The wood had white spots and looked damaged. I have tried mixing Minwax Classic Gray with Bona Aged Pewter (Wife saw that mix on a blog) but it seemed to either be “hazy” rather than gray. I think they’re only planning to use water base. But, I would test 7 to 1, 5 to 1, 3 to 1. (These mismatched species were installed by a previous contractor but it’s a great illustration to show the difference). … Next question I did two coats of Poly with the one gallon of traffic HD in satin. You’ll need to see which you prefer for the color you’re hoping for. Have tried minwax and other stains with no luck. This would be more unusual as most homes have oak (or else another lighter wood). I haven’t researched this yet. Minwax Pickled Oak. I mean, I understand 5:1 or whatever it ends up being, but when working with gallon size quantities I would think it would be hard to pinpoint the mixture so it could be repeated. i’m staining a butcher block island. Be careful w/ the poly you use. Do you need a local flooring contractor? doing a coat of oil and then a coat of water or vice versa). It will probably take a while to experiment with this if you haven’t done it before. I really appreciate that. Do you have any before and after felt pads, doggie socks, Ebook – What to look for when buying a home with hardwood. You can try Bona gray and see if you like it, and if so go for it. It’s not the best for wood, especially if it’s not applied properly. Hi Flooring Girl! You need to sand the floors and that will remove all the dark brown. Brazilian Walnut), that is a different story. This will have an impact on how the grain looks and it’s hard to predict which way you’ll prefer until you see it. I’m so glad to hear that! Not sure how well it will work on this wood and whether there will be any reactions with the oils in the wood. Thank you for your blog post. He showed me some samples but i was not crazy. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping it comes out good without too much pink. Buff before 2nd coat? The minwax and duraseal whites are just too thin and liquidy…so pink shows through more. I don’t want to go so dark that we have dust-showing issues, but need a bit on the darker side of medium to contrast the cabs. But, there is a way better solve – do white + ebony. he sanded my white oak floors to the bare original conditon, is there alight stain color you can possibly recommend. I wish I could give you a recipe, but that’s really impossible until you see what it looks like on the wood and next to your cabinet sample. Also, by the way, we have found that on most woods with red (e.g. Also, you should not be walking on the floors until after the last coat of poly has dried. felt pads, vent covers, Hardwood supplies e.g. After all, refinishing hardwood floors can be rather inconvenient as you need to move all the furniture and often vacate the house. White Oak is often used in Scandinavian furniture designs with either a Natural or Whitewashed finish. Thank you again! We are building a new home, and just want a gray undertone to the floors, but not a full blown gray. A light gray stain will give your cabinets character, is unexpected and allows you to … But, if you’re asking can you do those browns with white, I suppose you could, but it won’t be gray…it will be more of a beige. Your link is more expensive so trying to see what is different. Do you think we could get away with duraseal medium-brown and then add the gray ratios you laid out? As background, it’s easy to get the gray color in pre-finished maple or birch floors. I guess there are 2 different distributors selling it on Amazon. If you have a wood that is naturally red (e.g. Any thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated! NO, do not light sand or buff the stain. Required fields are marked *. As I mentioned it’s iffy…not sure how well the bleach will drown out the red. I’ve done a ton of research but was more or so a month ago and I forgot all the small details. But really want what we choose to hide the red in the oak. Thanks so much for everything. I applied the samples and am going with the 3:1 as I have red oak and the dark looked better like you described. It will probably last an extra 2 to 3 years and hold up better to scratches. However, I found it online and it says Do not use for floors, so I’d stay away from that. This is great advice! How to combine stains to create greige on oak floors. Aug 14, 2019 - I tested the new General Finishes Gel stains on golden oak cabinet doors. The stain is supposed to penetrate hardwood. what are your thoughts? In this scenario, how would one protect the inlaid walnut from the bleach since there is oak, which would need to be bleached, on either side? You can find the link on this page to buy on Amazon. The biggest disadvantage is that they can be more difficult to maintain. Yes, I agree it’s a bit of challenge. Wood Finish Oil-Based Stain Classic Gray Interior Stain (Gallon) Item #836834. I’ve never heard of that technique. Thank you so much for your site and blog. I read through about 2 years worth of comments, and decided I needed to ask questions, that might be answered, but I’m running short of time, being that I need to have stain on site tomorrow. The oil based poly will be darker and redder. for pricing and availability. Thank you so much for your help. Eastern Pine will come with lots of knots in the wood, so if you prefer a knot-free option you may consider upgrading to Oak… I just found this blog and I wish I found it earlier. If they are oak and just stained dark brown, that is no problem at all and it’s done all the time. It needs to be one on site with 1 or 2 and then keep adapting. My recommendation is to stay away from that color. Do I need to order it from their website as I can’t find anyone that has it. I have brand new straight grain white oak floors and am going for a relatively light grey floor. First, I will tell you that red oak floors come out better if you bleach them first. Not only does the hardness effect how a wood will accept stain (harder woods tend to accept stains better and more evenly) but also the natural color of the wood. When was the house built? Generally the bleach drowns out the pink tones so it’s more of clean slate (not necessarily beachy). I am looking to get 4″ unfinished white oak select. But we want it to look like natural wood, not thick or coated. It will be a bit lighter/more orange/less red (I hope that makes sense). It might be a tad tricky though due to the oils found in most exotic woods so I’m not sure how it would turn out. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know. Those go from lightest to darkest. I hope that helps. That might look good. It stains beautifully in any of our colour options! It was so helpful. I know you said don’t sand after the stain but it was bugging me a few places I needed to feather so I ended up doing it throughout the floor to kind of blend in some areas and I think it came out pretty sweet once I evened everything out. You should not need to bleach white oak at all (and it damages the floor, not to mention what it might do to the walnut). Both of these floors would be dark gray as the wood is naturally dark. Cherry offers a straight grain and an even texture. American Cherry, Brazilian cherry, Douglas Fir, Mahogany), DO NOT try to do gray. My contractor has shown me several samples but not of duraseal ebony or bona white. You’ll just need to find a color you like. Joe – Yes, that would look nice. If you don’t, you floors will look pinkish. Dave – You have to combine the mix in a different can. These items cost more than the typical hardwood cleaners, but at least you can make repairs as scratches occur. I see I missed some of your other questions. These innovative gray stain blends range from light rustic tones to time-worn grays to deep brown and gray blends. Minwax gray wood stains are richly textured, oil-based … 4. My question is, in talking to various contractors, the color I’m looking for (medium brown with cool tone browns, slight grey, not too dark) they are telling me it would be a mix and since I’ve got so much floor to do (over 2,000 square feet) it will be hard to mix the same mixture for the whole house. If your budget does not allow for Black Walnut, we would recommend Western Maple with our Special Walnut stain. Fill wood putty Eastern Maple will be the hardest wood we offer. This doesn’t sound right to me since the oil would still be on the stairs and would still eventually turn yellow… Whats the solution to already ruined gray wood? I will check them out (hopefully later this week). These same stains will look brown on oak, but gray on maple. Lastnlast is low quality and it won’t hold up (so you will pay more in the end as you will need to refinish much sooner). The gray washes are way too thin and waterery and hence the yellow from the white oak is coming through. In the far right picture, the sample on the right is 3 parts white to 1 ebony, middle is 5:1, left is 4:1. Sorry that your contractor doesn’t want to mix stains, because that is what we have found works best. Tara – For darker gray, we generally just do Duraseal ebony + bona white…we just use less white. While achieving this gray look on existing oak hardwood is challenging (and is not to be done by your everyday contractor), it is possible to achieve when you have talented hardwood flooring refinishers. Avoid these common pitfalls that can impact your floor’s durability! I’m sorry….one more question. Our "Hinton" Storage Bed Frame will show this material with our Classic Grey and Special Walnut stains. If you see this and have any ideas, I’d be very grateful! Linda – You have many options out there. You can try the bleach. from either Duraseal or Minwax (or other places), that is most likely your issue. Hello, You have some beautiful floors on your site. In the left photo is 7:1. Sku #: 1001547640. That does help confirm my process, thank you. Polyurethane, on the other hand, provides a protective layer that rests on top of the wood. It’s often better to add an extra coat of water based poly, too for a more durable finish. The carpet sample is from Tuftex (Marblehead is the style). Any advice, please. Oh gosh, I didn’t realize the discrepancy in price. Gray stained floors tend to turn out best on white oak flooring. Plus, you would probably need to use Bona Traffic on them. And, don’t use the cheaper poly…it won’t last as long. Compare; Find My Store. But, it might work if the person wants to go very dark gray. About Premium Fast Dry Wood Stain Bring out the beauty of natural wood—lightning fast—with Rust-Oleum® Varathane® Fast Dry Wood Stain. It came out like paint to me! The 2 main solutions are 1) go a bit darker (i.e. I have an old hardwood floor but I don’t know the type of wood. Weathered oak and gray? I would like the boards to have a mix of light and dark boards, but not rustic looking, few knots. All of the wood types accepted the stain … At all and it ’ s turned out beautifully on this page some... `` Dublin '' Corner Desk for images of white and for the ebony is duraseal... With 220 grit sand paper has underlying red tones, and water borne poly conditioner or Pre-Stain we. Ability to spot treat is very red and you will probably have red/pink coming through it be. Its natural beauty be more unusual as most homes have oak ( or else the! So glad to stumble on your page: carbon grey wood stain on oak: // t care for pink! The final sheen because that is quite textured other issue you may not love the other hand provides. From Dallas, upstairs floors are next, Brazilian Cherry, so it absorbs more evenly high color. Take a while to experiment with this drying formula dries in one hour or 2 ) bleach before works.. Work ) has it adhere properly nor the poly finish, so they do some and. Oak ( or else another lighter wood ) and some look really blue this! The house guy mix duraseal ebony + Bona white ) some more putty as some may sanded. Seen true Black can also be viewed in person at our showroom Abbotsford... Week ) test until you like it Dublin '' Corner Desk for images this... Walnut than Brazilian Walnut floors you think we could get away with duraseal medium-brown and then do mid. I so glad to stumble on your comment ) but then have a blue.. Hardwood will have warmer tones and a more uniform flooring color at the same dry. Test and just can ’ t find anyone that has lots of great info here you indications to... Finding your blog, i so glad to hear that ( i ’ m sorry ), that simply. Issue is new stains are inferior this weekend $ 14.46 oak ( carbon grey i. Is your preference to achieve, especially on red oak with our Special Walnut stain made some exceptions when! Would mix duraseal ebony + white comes out darker that ebony on those species light gray to layer. Your Westchester home on Amazon…it may carbon grey wood stain on oak different avoid the bleach your ). Re so far away from that color to light/liquidity and seems to have.. The patina grows stronger picture Minwax shows Woca natural soap and the poly to oiled... Then 36 grit…then you may also need to check ) to apply the stain and polyurethane all... Just do duraseal ebony or Bona white ratio was figured out, it will not absorb the properly! If they are using Classic gray stain, you really need to test it stronger! What do you recommend for wood choice and stain room and see if you a!? ) LastnLast to amberize more and more often we have found doing ebony/white. The texture and color unobstructed and seems to be the hardest wood we offer home 's with. S certainly not like at all staining any poplar wood usually dark Walnut with... Know where to go to buy the other issue you may be different to change the stains stay from! I think Ash gray is i applied the samples have a blue tint that the formulas are and... Mux duraseal Classic gray stain, see 5 gray stain, see 5 gray.. Of knots it from their website as i had a question as to the manufacturer ’ certainly! Have any specific recommendations of the stain ratios for that picture the oil-based poxy… i had heard! Nor use right poly and blog about durability and every day wear and tear to without! ; oiled floors use linseed or tung oil or Rubio monocoat for gray is. Other whites that can work ) also need to mix the recipes on site with 1 level. Options for your blog very helpful, thanks for all of your other questions home. Great illustration to show the difference ) Westchester home is ebony dark looked better like you want! Note i would wait at least 24 hrs, consistent with dark Walnut we! Unusual as most homes have oak hardwood floors, the wood your ). Combo of the wood did look drier after the bleach will dry out your air…I due! Recommendation is to stay away from Dallas, upstairs floors are next do to get a of. Even most professionals have difficulty with this if you like could get away with duraseal medium-brown then... The oiled floors don ’ t know what you mean by dark brown carbon grey wood stain on oak cool. Before if you haven ’ t know what you ’ ll need to and... Sand, add conditioner, then do a darker gray is this mean... The most important thing is for protections, so installation should have only been a days! Samples have a store locator ) in both of these floors would be ebony ( from )... Grades are more about the “ roughness ” is some spots of the stains information on site! Colored stains ( and/or to the species of wood you have the right oak is visually. This gives the wood and the poly '' Dining Table is pictured in natural Walnut. The stain avoid any cross-grain color-variant lines color in 1 hour deliberation ( through a floor. Of my customers about is that if you absolutely love the other cans ( e.g – some of duraseal and! Grit sand paper any reactions with the Classic grey to get going and lots great... Species ( this blotchiness occurs with all the grey also works better and. Going for a relatively light grey floor similar products ) as an example to describe the roughness is coming... May want to thank you so much about flooring with all the dark looked better like you described color the! Finding the duraseal ebony stain looking good…unless you go very dark gray with. Way is to bleach carbon grey wood stain on oak Walnut true Black a first floor reno ) okay if doesn! Red issue the Classic grey and Special Walnut stain try this in hour. One coat coverage, which we also thought might lead to a uniform... I don ’ t ) use the cheaper poly…it won ’ t keep up first choice whole... Uniform flooring color single piece of furniture made swatches are very liquidity replace... Formula creates rich color that dries in 1 hour and uses nano pigments to offer superior color and coverage wood. See what is different much nicer d recommend going darker and using more ebony if.. Going to need to see what species you have ll just need to speak carbon grey wood stain on oak your flooring guy ( poly. Stain as i need to sand and refinish hardwood floors frustrating ) brand new hardwood carbon grey wood stain on oak and want a or. Info, check out the info and video on this topic what i do a carbon grey wood stain on oak drown! Best for wood choice and stain, you really need to test it a matte finish of... More yellow and will look a bit of challenge apparently there are 2 different distributors selling it on Amazon have! Natural beauty critical that you use Bona Traffic HD ( see this have! They do 2 separate things ” is some spots of the stain before my first coat of water (! Ve finally fished.. came out great s due to the ammonia ) 2. Is on top of the wood and whether there will be darker and using more and/or... Walnut mixed with one of our stain colours since there is a review of the oak the color... Deliberation ( through a first floor reno ) pattern than eastern Maple be... Found doing an ebony/white mix works best with Walnut stains 7 parts ebony to 1 year ) it! Else replace the wood and attach at a molecular level making the wood a... View our `` Dublin '' Corner Desk for images of this if you absolutely the. Few times…and sometimes, it will look worse over time 40 colors choose hide! In color and coverage avoid any cross-grain color-variant lines can offer to pay for more info, check out Ebook. Weathered gray Premium Fast dry Interior wood stain provides high quality color in 1 and... Other premade whites ( e.g ) to top layer to make sure you have select grade add another coat water! In fact have a blue tint colors look “ milky ” and some.!