They are powerful substances which certain ancient cultures treasured for their ability to open the human mind and expand our consciousness. 50 grams – Mexicana – Family Pack 50 grams – Mexicana –... 3 Review(s) 2000 grams of Mexicana Magic Truffles Strength: 3/5 Other names: Teonanacatl, Pajaritos, Space Shuttles. Sclerotia contain both psilocin and psilocybin, the active substances in Magic Mushrooms. Trust me. Magic Mushrooms im Substratkuchen Kommen Pilze aus dem Magic Mushroom Shop in Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz und co sicher an? Always store Magic Truffles in the fridge (2-4 °C) in closed (vacuum sealed) packaging. 5 grams will certainly make their otherworldly presence felt. Received it on the 12th. These ‘truffles’ are derived from the same fungi as Magic Mushrooms and have very similar effects to their illegal counterparts. If stored in this way, you can keep the Truffles until the best before date. My mood lifted and I felt happy & peaceful. Menu ≡ ╳ Capsules DRIED WHOLE SHROOMS Edibles MAGIC MUSHROOM GROW KITS MAGIC TRUFFLES More Categories. Thank you, Benno! Original review: Don't order here. In fact, they never gave me a valid tracking number. Therefore you can be sure the best quality from our shop. I sent them proof of my Address, they wouldn't accept it and they still wouldn't provide me a tracking. WTH???? We sell to World Wide. So unless you are experienced, start off easy. Once my package was stopped by customs so it took a while for it to arrive, but thanks to their efforts to keep everything discreet and legit it all arrived ok. The truffles are still in soil , still growing . Microdosing Magic Truffles (Part 1) In two blogs we take you through the basics of microdosing Magic Truffles. Buy Magic Mushrooms. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. I received my order and it was exactly as advertised. Welcome to Happy Trip Solutions. - Normally 8-12 grams give a mild/moderate trip, 13-20 grams a strong trip. Add to Compare. But don’t worry, this will not affect the potency of the magic truffles. Highly recommended. High Hawaiians Trüffel - 22 Gramm. This type of truffle produces feelings of well being and euphoria. Order Mushrooms Grow kits, Magic Truffles & Shrooms online in our shop within the UK, Canada, Ireland, Europe, USA, Australia, Asia, Africa, South America Magic Truffles are the legal alternative to Magic Mushrooms. Product Warning * Remember, mushroom truffles are not party drugs. Add to cart. Our truffles have the right taste and the right amount of active ingredients. Magic Mushrooms can be bought easy, safe and fast online in our shop. Hello everyone, I had a very pleasant experience with them. €5,75€4,50 In stock. Cali-Magic Detail Supplies. Make sure you be well informed on how to use it and about the effects. Fantastic visuals open and closed eye, great to do alone and in a group, I would suggest taking the whole lot. ... Do NOTstore them in your freezer. The company behind Magic Truffles, Mycologics, focusses exclusively on the production of Magic Truffles. Magic Truffles or Sclerotium are psilocybin fungus grown underground and share the same effects/ingredients as magic mushrooms.. Classically known as “philosophers’ stones,” these hallucinogenics have been ranked as one of the safest drugs to consume, medically beneficial, and absolutely no potential for addiction. 100% satisfied. Very pleased with the products and great customer service. due to the content that is being shipped, naturally there is a longer wait to recieve it, and also risks for this being shipped, so i was pleasantly surprised when my order arrived so quickly. Eat Magic Truffles raw. Add to cart. No shipping from 24 December until 3 January! All Rights Reserved. Sclerotia is a truffle. Here you can buy magic mushrooms online and stand the chance of 100% guaranteed delivery. All our Magic Mushroom Truffles are freshly packed. Use of Magic Truffles | Power Magic Truffles Value pack. Add to Cart. Entada rheedii (African dream herb) 1 seed. I did my own research before I bought mushroom grow kits from their website and found that the company indeed exist :)Package came fast, in 4 days, and I paid extra for tracking number. Fast service, great quality product, always arrives when stated it will, great web site, keep up the good work. Straight up Scammers! A wee while after, they became known for selling magic mushrooms. I legit will not even try any other supplier. 'It's amazing product' Review by Maksim about our Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Combi Pack [Rated: ****] Your mushrooms given me a clear understanding that love is life and that life is love. If you like a bit more of an intense experience munch a full bag of these. In this state, it is still easy to communicate and you are still aware of your environment. 0 - 11 - Magazine For Psychoactive Culture (German only) As low as €10.00. Consume one package (15g) (Hollandia) , on an empty stomach (min. Great trip and fairly strong, also made lovely truffle tea with ginginger. . Add to cart. I order from magic mushroom shop regularly, the hollandia are now my fave truffle selection, having tried most other's these by far are the strongest. However, if you were alright with waiting a little while you could buy spores [truffles or mushies] that would take roughly 2 weeks to grow and these spores are entirely legal. In der vielfältigen Sammlung frischer Magic Truffles von McSmart oder unserer starken Handelsmarke ist für jeden etwas dabei. We stock only the best magic Mushroom. Tapas(small plates/Appetizers) are chic, delicious and are the new trend for a tasty experience in Truffle Bistro. Menu ≡ ╳ Home Shop About us F.A.Q.’s Contact us … You might be looking forward to your own magic truffle trip. Our top trippy truffle countdown is regularly updated to provide all you psychonauts with the 10 best magic truffles at all times. In low doses, eating Magic Truffles can induce giggly and stoned feelings. The price does not include shipment cost. One of the biggest differences with other magic mushrooms is the ability of the Psilocybe atlantis to form sclerotia beneath the mushroom. Their goal is to offer every adult who is looking for a psychedelic experience a safe product of high quality. These products will only be shipped to certain countries in Europe. I've gotten everything from truffles to grow kits, and I've always had a positive experience. I could tell when it started working though, my body felt very relaxed & kind of tingly. I usually do microdose because I want to relax and clear my mind from the chaotic world. I was planning on doing it Sunday night but I don't know if I want to wait till then. We pride ourselves on being the number 1 growers. Buy Magic Mushrooms. There are a number of reputable shops online where you can buy the spores and … Growing kits looks healthy and ready to grow :)Communication with the company is excellent, they did answer fast and honestly, I felt taking care of all the way to receiving the goods! Time to start growing our own I guess. 24.00EUR . Von Anfängertrüffeln bis zu Trüffeln für erfahrene Psychonauten. Buy Magic Mushrooms is a company based in Holland and is the largest grower of "Magic Truffles" or philosophers stone and produces Sclerotia of the highest quality. Less than a week after the ordering of magic truffles HOLLANDIA from trufflemagic I got my truffles in the mail. I was taken aback by the bad trip stoppers. Order TruffleMagic magic truffles. Magic Truffles (sclerotia) give good trips that are pretty much identical to mushroom trips. These are some featured products. !Customer service = Five Stars (super friendly)Packaging and ease of use= Five Stars (discrete and secure), I recommend anyone who is contemplating on buying magic truffels to purchase through! However, if you were alright with waiting a little while you could buy spores [truffles or mushies] that would take roughly 2 weeks to grow and these spores are entirely legal. But also do suggest some caution as these should not be taken by beginners. In this state, it is still easy to communicate and you are still aware of your environment. Our top trippy truffle countdown is regularly updated to provide all you psychonauts with the 10 best magic truffles at all times. Fungi are potentially the architects of the universe, so it’s quite common for new and intriguing truffles with psychedelic effects to pop-up on the list. In our magic truffle shop we offer 11 different kinds of Freshbox magic truffles, or sclerotia. It is a shame we live in a world where I can walk down the street and buy a couple liters of vodka but cannot legally obtain a completely naturally growing compound. I didn’t get a big effect which is likely because I didn’t use enough. Obviously, the dosage matters. The taste of Magic Truffles is like a Walnut flavor.The effects of the Magic Truffle is the same as Shrooms. 3X Magic Truffles of Your Choice – BUY 2 GET 1 FREE After breaking the vacuum seal, the Truffles can be preserved for up to 2 days without losing their Magic Truffles mushroom . Grinder speziell für Magic Truffles. Add to Compare. We have both had much stronger trips with <1g of dried shrooms since. The effects of Magic Truffles therefore depend on the type of truffle and the quantity you consume.More than 200 species of mushrooms that contain psilocybin exist. Our truffles have the right taste and the right amount of active ingredients. SALE. Once opened however, the truffles can only be kept for a few more days. My orders have arrived in the USA in 2-3 weeks. Magic Truffle Micro Dose Pack . Magic truffles are special - they are diffrent in constrast with mushrooms because they provide different teaching.