Bulbine Natalensis appeared to have altered the enzymes in the rats’ livers in a negative way with those taking the highest dose being hit the hardest. Bulbine Natalensis is a traditionally used aphrodisiac and Testosterone Booster in South and South-Eastern Africa; in rat studies, it appears to both be quite potent in increasing testosterone but also appears to damage organ function in a similar manner to a steroid cycle. Bulbine natalensis is one of them that was briefly hailed as the best of them all and then almost completely forgotten just months later. This herb has been used in traditional medicine as a natural aphrodisiac, and has had numerous studies conducted on it. The kidneys were in even worse shape. Build Lean Muscle. Improve Recovery. Catha edulis MHRA Banned and Restricted Herbal Ingredients Celery Seed / Apium graveolens Directive 2004/24, Directive 2001/83 Traditional Herbal Medicines ... Bulbine natalensis Novel Food Calluna vulgaris Novel Food Camellia furfuracea Novel Food Canarium ovatum Novel Food Capsicum frutescens Novel Food Carica papaya Novel Food In this article, we will go through all the research and real evidence behind bulbine supplementation, and whether it really raises testosterone levels. Well if you haven't heard there is a herb (Bulbine Natalensis) from South Africa that looks very promising. A study at South Africa's University of Ford Hare found that bulbine natalensis increased testosterone by 347 percent in rats when compared to a placebo, while reducing their estrogen levels by more than 30 percent. Anthony Roberts has a good write up on it. Indigenous to South Africa. This single ingredient is Bulbine Natalensis – 100% pure – and it has been used for centuries to boost energy and increase libido. Suggested USe. Take 3 capsules daily upon waking. Bulbine Natalensis increases libido and stamina. This South American herb has shown amazing results in animal studies. Testosterone is a key hormone in muscle growth. Bulbine natalensis. Warrior Bulbine is one of the most potent health supplements on the market. ... Studies have shown that Bulbine Natalensis and Fadogia Agrestis can increase your testosterone by … Frost tender evergreen perennial, broad sharp pointed fleshy yellow-green leaves. The feedback from people who have tried it so far is very good. Bulbine Natalensis is an herb from Southern and South Eastern Africa that has traditionally been used as an aphrodisiac as well as some other beneficial properties. Kratom is now a Schedule 1 drug‚ meaning it comes with the same penalties as LSD and heroin. Due to its influences on cognition and sexuality, it is currently being investigated for its effects on testosterone. The natural herb Ashwagandha, helps to reduce cortisol, anxiety, and fatigue levels, while boosting testosterone. Clusters of star-shaped yellow flowers on long thin … Researchers noted that there were obvious distortions in the architecture of the rat livers which is a clear indication of toxic damage. Bulbine natalensis (Baker) (syn Bulbine latifolia) belongs to the family, Asphodelaceae. The DEA has banned the herbal supplement Kratom due to its extreme effectiveness. The rodent study boosted test around 347% and lowered estrogen 35%. Bulbine Natalensis is a potent African herb that has become a popular addition to supplement stacks catered to those who want to boost libido and testosterone levels. Using a single ingredient instead of a confusing proprietary blend, it delivers power-packed nutrients to the users. It is locally known as ibhucu (Zulu), rooiwortel (Afrikaans) and is widely distributed in the eastern and northern parts of South Africa (Erik Wrk et al., 1997). However, in