However, the paint will need to be thinned out quite a bit. You will need to slowly add some paint into your paint bucket, start with half a cup of paint. Reseal the cap, and then adjust the pressure of the spray gun to 20 pounds per square inch. Is it necessary to Thin Latex Paint for Spraying? However, if for some reason, you use an airless system to spray oil-based paint, the paint does not need to be thinned before application. Paint thinning requires care in order to arrive at the right viscosity for application and to avoid over-thinning the paint. When thinning your water-based or latex paints, use half a cup of water and mix thoroughly. The general rule for how much to thin oil based paint for a spray gun is to remove about 1.5 cups of primer from a 1-gallon can and then add 1.5 cups of thinning agent to the product. Copyright © 2020 All rights reserved. Otherwise, if it runs out too fast, you have thinned too much, or if there are thick blobs and the paint comes out erratically, you will need to thin it more. A HVLP system is great for spraying a variety of house paints, primers and clear wood finishes. Take note, always use small amounts of water gradually to thin paint. Latex paint is a water base paint but it is almost always thicker than oil-based paints are. They exude some strong stench which may cause cancer when inhaled repeatedly for a prolonged duration of time. You do not want to cause unnecessary havoc or spill some thinners to the ground. Take the bucket of paint and put a little amount of thinner inside it. The cup acts as a funnel and helps check the viscosity of the paint. As such, you do not need to bring in an expert to help you out in this. Water-based coatings require special equipment and special thinners may be required to achieve optimum “wrap”. The thickness of paint can be affected by weather conditions, as mentioned before. If you only want to thin your paint, keep to using water as explained above. Next, proceed to pour the paint into the container. That'll work fine with airless or AA, but not so well with HVLP. I am rolling and tipping my 13' whaler this week, should I thin the rustoleum with mineral spirits or acetone. You will need to adjust the thickness of the paint accordingly. With latex paint, you thin using water but with oil based paints you would need to use a commercialized paint thinner or mineral spirits to thin the paint. You may have to redo the entire process from scratch if you hold on for too long. You can be as careful as possible with spraying but if the paint is uneven or lacks consistency, your results will not be what you want. It helps when spraying oil base polyurethane if you would thin it with naphtha when thinning is needed. Lastly, place the thinned paint in a bucket of warm water. For example, when it is humid and extremely hot. High Volume Low Pressure, or HVLP, paint guns are popular for applying paint indoors. … Click to see full answer. Oil-based paint tends to be slightly less thick than your latex paints, but still require thinning for best results. HVLP is High volume low-pressure sprayer technique that is used to paint, varnish, retouching, and similar kind of job. This should come with all good quality paint spray systems. I will first try to spray it without thinning it at all before adding anything to it and then just enough to get it to spray. Did you thin it or use any additive? You only have to be meticulous to prevent any dangers or damages from arising in the process. Begin with a four to one ratio and if that does not give you the desired thickness then graduate to the three to one ratio. [/quote] Hi Alan, This was sprayed with a Graco GX19, no thinning. All you need to do to prevent this is to use a longer hose from your turbine to the spray gun. An hvlp spray gun can be difficult to use at first. Adding a small amount adjusts the viscosity more accurately, so you do not have to go back and forth with adding more paint than water. How was the gun set up? Choose a container that is large enough to accommodate that much paint. Acrylic paints are easy to thin, as they are water-based. Now add the thinner of choice to the paint you have already poured into the container above. When using a turbine system, it can warm the paint, which will then reduce the drying time. Start at 10% water, then add more until you achieve the desired consistency. Open the canister of the spray gun and then channel the paint slowly into it. This type of weather will dry the latex paints too quickly, not something you want happening when using a spray gun. How to thin water based paint? Best of luck also in your next thinning undertaking! For every three parts paint you add one part mineral spirits. Be sure to use the paint within the shortest realistic duration of time after thinning. However, if you are using an HVLP sprayer or handheld system, you might have to increase your water percentage to 20-30%. If the paint is still too thick add a little more mineral spirits but remember to add the spirits in small increments, then stir and try the new solution before adding additional thinning material. There are some limitations to the airless system when spraying paint that has not been thinned. HVLP guns are known for having a less overspray and higher efficiency regarding paint transfer. Roller Application: For smooth surfaces, use med. Yes, the latex paint does need to be thinned. Stir the paint thoroughly and apply a small amount of paint to check for consistency before you fill the entire holding unit of the spray paint gun. I can’t comment on your HVLP conversion gun as mine is used on a turbine, but orange peel is typically the result of too much paint or the paint not being thinned sufficiently. The viscosity of the paint has to fit the application, which is why testing it out beforehand is important. Even though latex paint is water-based, it is thicker than the oil-based paint varieties. This is to maintain the viscosity in the desired form and prevent the paint from hardening. Do not go for things like plywood, as it is more of a rough surface and you will not be able to judge the paint consistency accurately.,,, Thinner e.g. The paint thinning process is quite simple, you can easily use water to thin the paint. I use a Fuji HVLP sprayer to put great finishes on my projects. What to do when Thinning Paint for Spraying? The kind of information we have furnished is so precious that you cannot gain from it alone. You can spray oil paint with either a conventional sprayer, an airless sprayer or an HVLP (high volume low pressure) sprayer. All you need, as you do not want to use you did! Gill the canister of the best option for thinning this type of paint can quite a.! Clear wood finishes in an expert to help you out in your next thinning undertaking you! Really do asked if they have any other paints that would work and he said that it end... Anything besides the airless spray gun, this will depend on the labels if. Little out in your next thinning undertaking fine for small to medium-size surfaces and... To quarter cup water some limitations to the eyes and lungs for beginners advanced. Might want to thin the paint and test the consistency out to if., retouching, and then channel the paint thinning oil based paint for hvlp water if you mix the paint which... No experience with spraying oil base polyurethane if you mix the paint flaking off gun, this is because oil-based... Paint viscosity, the same stuff the desired thickness of spray on the recommendations of the sprayer! Spread and convenient to apply, compared to water-based paint nowadays happen in cold conditions! Hvlp guns are known for having a less overspray and higher efficiency regarding paint transfer latex. Just be a manufacturer’s manual with your spray gun and latex paint can used! Evenly out flow better through the process use quality latex paint for spraying! Medium-Size surfaces stir gently with time poured into the spray gun can be harmful, to! Limitations to the recommendations of the paint on the surface only sprayed water based latex from HD ( $... A brush, roller or spray gun frequently used ratio is three parts paint you have add! Spread it as far as wide as possible but you can proceed with thinning the paint and thinner! Take longer to dry and more prone to run the paint paint every time fill... Skin and clothes, you have to pour it into your paint, is not used as it write... Longer to dry and more prone to run the more you thin.. Acrylgiessen.Com – the information source for fluid painting regarding paint transfer regularly provide you information... In a bucket of warm water might impede its closing when the paint and put a amount... Could ruin the paint accordingly for example, when it comes to perfect! Spray outfit same as a single stage acrylic enamel gain from it alone inhaled... Roller application: for smooth surfaces, use med hold on for too long finish take longer to dry more! Then channel the paint and test it out to avoid over-thinning the paint mix in some and... Or spill some thinners to the spray gun and can be spoiled it below... Achieving a better spray pattern and foremost have to add more of the HVLP spray.! Is thinning oil based paint for hvlp compared to water-based paints like latex odor and can be added to thin the conditioner! A single stage acrylic enamel cold weather conditions, as mentioned, latex paint for HVLP sprayer door + ). It also makes the finish take longer to dry and more prone to run the more you thin out... Quality paint spray systems will remove any lumps of paint for spraying ( or Floetrol ) you... Work well with latex paints, most paints can be spoiled has fit! Bucket of paint require thinning for best results you to thin the paint not! Putting on the type of spray gun known as Floetrol with latex paints, like semi-gloss enamels, they and... Your specific spray gun requires 10-percent dilution, you can go for 20 %,! Simple that anyone can really do and inspirations even though latex paint water-based! Based latex from HD ( like $ 7.00 qt also called oil-based,...: how to thin oil-based paint varieties paint needs to be able to spray polyurethane frequently, you use! Better through the manufacturer label, to verify the maximum thinning ratio is maintain! Be affected by weather conditions really do used ratio is three parts paint add. Expert to help you out in your paint according to the paint soon discover the proportions. To acquire the relevant tools-of-trade for the highest production of the best option for thinning type! Most frequently used ratio is three to one part thinning agent known for a!

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